Born in Berchem in 1961 Richard lives and works in Antwerp. His beloved home town has forged his personality with different impulses: one of the artistic capitals of Europe, Antwerp is a cosmopolitan city where different cultures compare and complement each other.

Since his youth he has been travelling, first with his parents then often alone. And the travel, the exploration, the observation of the world continues and expands into the introspection of his emotions, in the analysis of his reflections to the events.

A curious and careful observer of life, a listener of emotions and a critical and analytical mind, Richard transforms visual and emotional inputs in snapshots. His paintings are the result of a process, sometimes painful, where mind and heart come together in images. Never judgemental, sometimes intimate, always open to the interaction with the external observer.

The grouping of his works, is only intended to provide a way to walk through his creations. The themes can come back, the techniques might differ. The wish of sharing his experience remains.